Hello again and sorry that I’ve not posted in here for a long time but basically there has been so much work on that I simply  haven’t had time to keep my blogging up! Which I suppose is a good thing but sometimes I just feel snowed under with work and a lot of the new work has come via a firm who do house clearance in Blackpool which might seem a bit unusual but these guys once they have cleared a property quite often uncover  lot of work that needs to be done for the landlord before the property can be re-let.

So working with a clearance company has meant a lot of work but some of it can be dirty work because of the state that some of the tenants leave the properties in but work is work and so we crack on as usual.

Hello again and this may seem banal but a couple of weeks ago I was given a job by a acquaintance to fit 2 doors and a window in his friends house and I was very happy to do the work and happy to get it but figured it would just be a one off job with nothing more to come.

How wrong I was ! Initially I got to the job and it was all very simple really as the guy had all the gear already there and all I had to do was show up and do the work so I set to removing the old doors and windows first as I knew I could get the job done in a day and wanted to crack on and get in and out as soon as I could.

After the first door went in the guy comes over to me and lets me know how happy he is with my work and that he has a number of rental properties and would I be interested in working on those for him as well ? So obviously I said yes and he tells me that he’s got a job already lined up and its right in my backyard as well which makes things nice and easy for me .

So I got the doors and window finished off and I did a really good job to keep the guy sweet , not that I wouldn’t have done that anyway !

So now I have been working on 3 more of his properties and there are more in the pipeline so it looks like I’m gonna have a customer for life as this guy has had so many people let him down in the past and he seems really happy with my work .

Happy days.

So its been a little while since I last wrote in here and I really intended to keep up my blogging so heres an update.

The last few weeks we have been really , really busy working for some insurance loss assessors and I have to admit the work has been welcome because we all need money right ?

The 2 companies that we have been working for found us via our website and thats just great for us knowing that our marketing is automated like that because personally I have always found it hard selling to people so the fact that they already want to use us is great for me.

These companies are in the insurance management business and they get to visit properties when they are at their worst to help the owners with their insurance claims and that is where we come in. The first one to contact us was Bell Green and the job was a house that had a flood when the pipes under the bath started to leak . It was aright mess and a great bit of work for us ! These guys saw the website and called through to us to go and take a look and give a quote and said that they would pick from one of three quotes of which ours was one and guess what ? We won our first contract with these guys and it looks like we will get a lot more in the future !

Happy days for us . The job was to replace the flooring in the bathroom and pull down the ceiling and replace that as well , there was also damage to the wooden floor below in the kitchen which was a nice oak floor and we have had af air bit of experience with these types of flooring so it was an easy job for us and working to a price was good as there was no messing about with the customer and as the insurance company were paying for the work everyone was happy. We also got paid on time once the job had been passed off which was nice .

After these guys had used our company we got a call from some of their colleagues who were insurance loss assessors in Burnley which was a bit further out for us but we didn’t mind as we had just got a new diesel van and it was great on fuel.

So the house we went to over there was a right mess and it looked like it had been a mess even before we got there , it was a rented property and like a lot of them it hadn’t been looked after in years by the look of it and we had to work in awful conditions but a jobs a job so we cracked on . This time the door had come of its hinges in the high winds we have been having and the frame was rotten right through so we priced it up for a replacement upvc door and went over to Burnley and replace the whole thing . The tenant was well happy bless her , she was a little old dear about 70 years old and she was so appreciative and kept bringing us brews in these chipped old mugs and giving us those horrible Garibaldi biscuits that my Grandma used to love .

Took a bit longer to get paid this time which was a pain but at least we know for future reference and who knows if another of these loss assessors comes out of the woods with work for us we will be rushed off our feet…Happy days ! :)



Hello and let me introduce myself

My name is Dave and I am a local handyman and builder ,Im keeping this blog as a sort of personal diary about my work and life around the Blackpool area,

I’ve been working as a tradesman now for over 10 years and I definitely think that I have found my niche !

We had a quiet time a few years ago when business dropped off due to the recession but things have picked up a lot lately and I have just launched my own online website to help my business grow. You can see it here .

I love my job and enjoy working in the Blackpool area as a handyman /builder there isn’t much that I haven’t tackled in the last 10 years and personally I think that I’m good at my job,I have that sort of ability where I can turn my hand to just about anything whether its making some shelves , fitting new windows or simply putting together some flat pack furniture .

The Blackpool area is quite large but densly populated with a lot of properties and therefore a lot of work for me and my little team , because everywhere is packed in quite close together it makes it easier for me to get from job to job which I like .

There are also a tremendous amount of business premises which again means more work for me to keep on top of and sometimes I get over run with jobs especially from local business owners who need there work completing quickly so that they can get on going about their business.

The week we launched our website was also the local schools prom week and me and the lads had decided to hire a limousine from a local limousine company so that we could go round town from venue to venue without the hassle of taxis or anyone having to drive and not drink . Because our big night clashed with the schools prom we really struggled but eventually we found a local company who could provide us with a limo and the night was awesome . We started out with a meal at a local Italian restaurant and then moved on to Revolution Bar and the Beach House . After that it all got a bit messy and some of the lads went AWOL.

All in all it was a great night and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves !

Back to the job ! This week we are working on a massive old bingo hall that isn’t even in Blackpool, its being turned into flats and our job is to fit all the windows and put up all the new stud walls . Im guessing the owners are going to ask us to do more once we finish this part of the job and it looks like we have work mostly guaranteed for the next 4 to 5 weeks fro what I can tell.

It will be good to get back to the usual rounds in Blackpool once this work is finished but until then at least we have plenty to be going on with. in some ways I prefer being based in one place because I don’t have the hassle of driving around all the time but I reckon that it will get boring before long and I’ll want to get back to the usual rounds that I do in my beloved Blackpool !

Until next time take it easy out there :)